Travis Smith


Started the company back in 2017.

What’s for dessert?!” That was a frequent question of mine! I had a sweet tooth that longed for an array of desserts. From then to now, I like to say I’ve become somewhat of dessert connessuior which evolved into a dream of owning my own bakery.
I began to wonder what could I offer that isn’t easily found, yet always craved? FUNNEL CAKES!
Who can’t resist a warm, crunchy, fluffy, sweet funnel-cake?! Well there is no need to wait for the next fair or carnival event anymore. Our funnel cakes offer our unique flare to your traditional cake.
We pride ourselves in offering fresh fruit toppings, amazing flavor combinations, and creating an atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else! We look forward to sharing The Funnel Bar with all of you!

Simone Smith

COO – Chief Operations Officer

Isaac Grant

Chief Creative Director